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Corey Boiko

Designer and Developer

With an aptitude for learning new technologies, I can handle every aspect of your web project. A professor of informatics at the University of Washington even called me "A Wizard on the front-end". I have pushed through years of web frustration, so that you can just sit back, relax, and watch your ideas become reality.

Professional Experience

Contract, Web Developer

Developed and assisted in development on a site moving towards HIPAA compliance, as well as making numerous edits/updates to the sites of other clients of Dovie, inc. (Atoms & pixels).

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Contract, Web Content Administrator

Executed on a variety of web development projects for world’s leading workflow automation company, with offices in eight countries and clients in over 40 countries.

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Web Template Developer

While working at Resources Online, I designed responsive templates for an online counseling tool called CARE. My team worked together with other businesses as part of a $23 million prevention project centered in Washington, D.C..

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Full Sites[ing soon]

• jQuery

esCrave is a web app (in development) designed to help you anonymously track addictions. The basic idea is to put statisics about your behaviour into your hands, to help you to control your usage incrementally.

• javascript

Ididntrealize is an expo of original poetry/prose written from expeiences in surrealistic reality. Mixing dreams and delusion and a bit of curiosity. Can you tell the difference between the two?

• Wordpress

Winning pictures is a site I made for Patricia Boiko, a prominent documentary film maker. Make sure to check out the documentary she made on my grandparents gameshow winning streak.

• Wordpress

Laurelhurst Research demonstrates the skill sets and services of two accomplished physicians. And yes, they are my aunt and uncle. And yes they are fricken awesome.


Brochure Extended Custom
Cost approximation
Number of pages 4 8 x
Estimated number of hours 10 20 x
Rate 30$/hr 35$/hr 40$/hr
Estimated cost $300 $700 $x
Make a plan
Idea consulting (goal oriented focus, maximizing effectiveness, web tool selection)
Marketing consulting (competetive analysis, marketing funnel, optimal CTA's)
Content consulting (how to prepare required information)
Create the site
Domain name registration
Content creation (site mockup, copywriting, photography, graphic design, image optimization)
Content Management Systems (WordPress, Squarespace, wix, etc.)
Custom coding (html, css, javascript, php, mysql)
Mobile responsiveness
Cross browser compatability
Custom functionality (ecommerce, complex user interactions, cross-site integration)
Measure effectiveness
Basic SEO
Google Analytics

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