About CoreyBorg

Getting your ideas out to the right people isn't as easy as just having good ideas. Luckily, you have me to help you with all the obscure, internet-y details... Why should you worry about anything other than the big picture?

Areas of expertise

I have the knowledge and inter-personal skills to connect design types with tech types, bridging a gap while filling any position in-between.

Development chops

Developers have the bad reputation of being math nerds with limited people skills. Aside from the fact that I consider 'math nerd' to be a wonderful compliment, this mould is slowly cracking. Gone are the days where math and art were opposites, and incompatible. As well as being a total wizard on the front end, I have the back end skills to handle every part of your project.

  • Front end languages (HTML5, CSS3, javaScript)
  • CMS (Wordpress, squarespace, Roxen, wix)
  • Libraries (jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, smarty.php)
  • Back end languages (PHP, mysql)

Design chops

Are you looking to wow your visiters with art? I have a knack for creating breath taking visual displays which will leave your visitors mouths hanging open in awe. Let's be honest, though, that's more art than it is design! I can also make more standard, professional website designs that are pleasing to the eye and navigate with ease. From many years of working with collage, I have a hands on understanding of what content layout should feel like.

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Gimp GNU
  • RIOT - Image optimization