About CoreyBorg

Getting your ideas out to the right people isn't as easy as just having good ideas. Luckily, you have me to help you with all the obscure, internet-y details... Why should you worry about anything other than the big picture?

My story

I grew up in Seattle, WA surrounded by tech. In high school I went to Italy on exchange, where I was the only American for miles. Next, of all places, I decided to go University in Alaska, Fairbanks. Fairbanks is a place where the temperature gets low enough that the Farenheit value equals celcius value (-40°). After being outside for 5 minutes in -40°, the moisture on your eye lashes freezes your eye lids in place.

Once again, it was time for a perspective change. I went on exchange to Queens College in New York City. I had long thought of combining my current psychological interests with web skills, and New York was the perfect place to dive into how the net works. Since then, I've split my time between Seattle, Alaska, and Europe.

Lets play two truths and a lie!

  1. My dad started a Web Consultancy Business in Seattle in the late 90's, and currently teaches information technology at The University of Washington.
  2. My grandparents amassed more earnings than any other couple in T.V. Gameshow History
  3. I was on a concert committee that booked Macklemore & Ryan Lewis two months before their biggest hit video to date, Thrift Shop
  4. I speak Italian fluently and am conversational in French and Spanish.
  5. I got into one of the best five highschool jazz bands in the country, Roosevelt Jazz.
  6. I'm currently releasing my inner gypsy in Alaska playing in a cosmically super charged band called The Willow Walkers.
  7. I was recently invited to join an Invite-only poetry website for my poem 'Curious Stranger'.
  8. Either I can't count, or I'm a terrible liar.
  9. As in, I'm terrible at it.

Too Much Information?

There can never be too much information!