Developed from the ground up,
The Cloud has no limit.

Full Sites

• Bootstrap

Ididntrealize is my personal page dedicated to original poems, short stories, and music. This site showcases my creativity across forms of art. It was built using Bootstrap.

• Wordpress

Laurelhurst Research is a contact site for two accomplished physicians who are involved in a variety of projects. The site demonstrates their skill sets and offers services.

• Wordpress

Winning pictures is a documentary film site that showcases prominent works by a local artist. The site was built in wordPress and customized using plugins. Like every site I build, It's mobile accessable and looks great on any browser!

Professional Experience

Contract, Web Content Administrator

Executed on a variety of web development projects for world’s leading workflow automation company, with offices in eight countries and clients in over 40 countries.

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Web Template Developer

While working at Resources Online, I designed responsive templates for an online counseling tool called CARE. My team worked together with other businesses as part of a $23 million prevention project centered in Washington, D.C..

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Your specialist

Corey Boiko

Designer and Developer

When I realized was not taken, I had no other option but to register it and learn how to design a website for it. The idea for the name came from trying to figure out how to account now, for what I will eventually create. I guess you could say that I did I didn't realize.